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It is built near the ancient city “Galipsos” that had important role at the time of the Peloponnesian war. The place is inhabited for over three thousand years. Herodotus in the History of the Median wars settles the city “Galipsos” between Toroni and Sermyli. During the late Hellenistic and Roman period, there was an important settlement in the area now occupied by the chapel of St. George on beach of Nikiti. What remains today of that settlement is an early Christian basilica, one of the oldest and most important have been found in northern Greece
The name Nikiti   comes from the "land of Neakitou 'dependency of the Monastery of Xenophon since 1300, which is placed just before the junction to Marmara. The Monastery of Neakitou sometime before 1300 declined and only the name survived. The official name of the village since the recognition of the community in 1918 was known from maps and various official documents as a community of "Nikita." This name remained until 1988, which later changed its name officially to "Nikiti"
The village's history began with the establishment of the first settlement in the 14th century. The first written reference to the current settlement is in the archives of Xenophon monastery of Mount Athos, in a census of the early 14th century. Before the foundation of the village, the place was a monastery dependency. The monks must have been those in the 14th century or earlier built the first temple in the position that on the 16th century the church of the Assumption was built which is currently used as a church and cemetery located just above Agios Nikitas. The settlement of Nikiti developed and survived throughout the period of Ottoman rule. So the Nikiti is today one of the oldest villages of Halkidiki.

Nikiti   puts the visitor at the outset dilemma. Mountain or sea? Whatever you choose will leave you equally fond memories. 

The crossroads of the main road leads, either - if you turn left as you come from Thessaloniki - in serpentine streets leading to the prehistoric settlement, which kept homes that are built from 1830, either - if you turn right on the beach-Nikiti where cafes succeed one another without exception and offer cool shade and magical beaches.

The traditional settlement of inland village of Sithonia, the Macedonian architecture of the houses, the typical chimneys exhibiting art of the craftsmen, the church of St.Nikita, built in 1867 and the old school is offered for a walk any time of the day.

Choose your preferred tavern and let the magic of tranquility and slow pace of a bygone era, when man was directly connected with nature. You can drink a Greek coffee in the oldest cafe in the village that of Nick Kazani, with wooden tables arranged under a large pergola for more shade. Do not forget, however, take a stroll and dine or have a drink in Nikiti, on the beach and by the sea

Surrounded by mountains and sea Nikiti is famous for its natural beauty and breathtaking beaches. The main beach of Nikiti is a wide open beach, easily accessible, shallow, warm and crystal clear waters. On the beach of “Leyki ammos” vegetation reaches to the coast. Other beaches are “Castri”, “Agios Ioannis” large and organized beach with parking, with trees reaching to the coast. The   coast “Koviou”   located 5 km from Nikiti with soft sand. “Kalogria” beach with easy access by car, with umbrellas and sunbeds. “Lagomandra” has many beach amenities, and special beauty, located 13km from Nikiti.

“Itamos”, a beautiful mountain, ideal for walking or cycling routes as there are comfortable forest roads and many signs. It is worth visiting the church of Agios Nikitas, built in 1867, as well as the ruins of the “Basilica Sophronius”, temple of the 6th century with beautiful mosaic floor, 2.5 km southeast of the village.

The penultimate Sunday of July “Toronaios Gulf crossing” is organized bringing together many young people. The swimmers swim the distance from Kalithea in Kassandra to the   beach   of   Nikiti.

Each year, on September 15th Nikiti organizes a festival and wandering in a sacred ceremony in the streets of the village the image of “Agios Nikitas”. Also with a feast is celebrated on “Kathari Deytera” the Karnaval. Other important festivals are of St. Christopher on May the 9th in a place in the forest organized by the Apiculture Cooperative Association SITHON with hunters, of St. Paul on June 29 in the homonymous district of Nikiti, of St Theodore on the first Saturday in the beach   of   Nikiti and Saint Panteleimon on July 27 in the homonymous place
Traditional Products

In 1952 the Farm Beekeepers Association Nikiti was established. In 1987 the Association "passed" in the processing and packaging of the product with the establishment and organization of a modern factory of 4,000 square meters in the municipal district of Nikiti of the municipality Sithonia. Today it consists of approximately 135 members all of which are professional beekeepers who operate 60,000 beehives in continental cells.

The average annual production of the Association exceeds 900 tonnes (10% of Greek annual production) in different varieties of honey, with dominant:

    * Pine honey
    * Floral honey from wildflowers
    * Dasomelo
    * Heather (wagtails)
    * and many other varieties of flower honeys like (cotton honey, melikompos, sunflower, orange, chestnut, etc.)

Honey is one of the genuine local products can be purchased directly from the producers stalls or shops in Nikiti.

The traditional “Revani” is the local specialties and worth a try.

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