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Neos Marmaras was created in 1922 by refugees who came from the island of Marmara - Asia Minor. Until then the area belonged to the monastery of St. Gregory of Mount Athos. The history and tradition of the inhabitants of Neos Marmaras symbolizes boat called "sandal" that led the procession of fisherman on the island Marmaris in Asia Minor. You can see a copy of the boat on the main harbour. In the church of the Holy Archangels are kept the holy icons that the refugees brought with them.

Today Neos Marmaras is the most cosmopolitan village in Sithonia. Uniquely combines sea and mountain, the wild entertainment and romantic walks with Greek and international cuisine.

For anyone wishing to admire the majesty of the monasteries of Mount Athos, even from a distance, there are daily boats from the port that sail around Athos peninsula, offering a special cruise.

The visitor who wishes to continue the fun until the early morning hours, which is common especially in summer in Halkidiki will find nightclubs for every preference. There are clubs with Greek and foreign music and beach bars with wild rhythms.

Of particular interest is travelling uphill on wooded mountain Itamos, a 15 km route, which rewards the visitor that will reach the top, giving him a unique view on the peninsula of Sithonia. Noted that those who wish may make the same distance on a mountain bike or motorbike, which is possible to rent them from specialty shops in Neos Marmaras.

In the hotel complex "Porto Carras", which is located 2 km from Neos Marmaras, the visitor can deal with almost all kinds of water sports and there are golf courses, tennis and basketball courts, an equestrian club, and modern marina large on capacity.

It is worth mentioning that next to Neos Marmaras is the second largest private vineyard in Europe, which supplies around the world with varieties of wines, named Porto Carras.

Guests can enjoy many pristine beaches , apart from the two main beaches , the northern side of the beach of Paradisos and south is the beach of “Marmaras” that stretches all the way to Porto Carras also Lagomandra , Agia Kyriaki, Koutsoupia , Azapiko and many others. All beaches are subjected to regular checks and have blue flag of the European Union. Around Neos Marmaras , there are many small and grafic harbors , beautiful secluded beaches and a group of small islands , " Spalathronisia ." Guests can reach the beaches by boat or by car / motorcycle and also enjoy the deep blue sea, beneath the golden sun. Furthermore, one way in which one can enjoy the route to the beaches is the bike, as the route through the pines offers strong emotions.

Those who have family holidays except the pleasant walks by the sea or creeks of Neos Marmaras , there are outdoor playgrounds for their children or even special places - playgrounds - where young children can have fun while their parents rest .

Another point of interest is the island “Kelyfos” or “Turtle Island”, as it looks like turtle, observing from the ring road. It is full of goats, but is best known for the striking undersea world, which is called by underwater photographers ' paradise '.

The customs and traditions that are celebrated in the form of festivals in N. Marmaras, are as follows:

  • • The weekend of Pentecost, fifty days after Easter, in the village of Neos Marmaras organized in memory of the Old Homeland, a representation of traditional marriage as it took place in old Marmara.
  • • On 27 / 07 is the feast of St. Panteleimon in the village of Parthenon
  • • On 29 / 08 the feast of St. John in N.Marmaras
  • • Clean Monday, the entire village gathered in an area just outside of Neos Marmaras and its residents eat seafood, fly kites and feast
  • • First day of May the villagers gather on mountainous areas and have barbeque with lamp and much meat.

Important monuments and architectural monuments to visit:

  • • The main church of Marmara " Panmegiston Archangels "
  • • The church of St. Stephen in the Parthenon
  • • The Church of the Life Giving Source and watermill Konisti
  • • The chapel of Prophet Elias on the hill
  • • The church of " St. Athanasius " in the village of Parthenonas
  • • The church of " St. George " on the beach Azapiko

Various " Metohija " (Annexes monasteries ) such as:

  • • Agia Kyriaki in Symmitiko
  • • The ruins Metohija in Tripotamos
  • • monastery of Gregoriou
  • • Visit Paschalakio Cultural Center, home to the local traditional museum.
  • • Stroll around the open market every Thursday to buy fresh products of your desire (fish, vegetables, etc.)
  • • Take a taxi boat to the nearby complex of Porto Carras
  • • Visit Villa Galini and vineyards of Porto Carras
  • • Visit Casino Porto Carras

• Select the tour of your choice with the different boats to see Toroneos bay and islands.

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