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In the historic village of Stagira, in a great location at an altitude of about 500 meters, is the Grove of Aristotle. It is the only theme park in Halkidiki. Worth a visit to see the interesting instruments and enjoy the magnificent views over the bay of Ierissos. The grove existed and the wonderful location was chosen in 1956 to host the imposing statue of Aristotle, a creation from the sculptor Nicolas, to honor the great philosopher who was born in Ancient Stagira.

The original interactive instruments that are hosted at the Grove were placed in 2003 by decision of the Municipal Corporation of Stagira-Acanthus. They are experimental instruments that operate on natural laws which refer to the writings of Aristotle and especially in his book "Natural". With this addition, the Grove of Aristotle has become a favorite destination for all visitors and schools, as it combines in a unique way recreation, entertainment and education.


Compass: It is placed in front of the statue of Aristotle and symbolizes that philosophy has reached all parts of the world and is the starting point of modern scientific thinking, global and domain of humanity. In this compass there is a representation of the direction and distance of the most famous cities in the world according to their destination from the Grove.

Telescope: With the modern telescopes placed at appropriate points, the visitor can focus and enjoy the fantastic view details of the Gulf of Ierissos and Athos peninsula.

Prism: The white light of the sun falls on the specific lens and because of the different speed in the glass at each radiation,  is analyzed in the familiar range of "colors of the rainbow" after each radiation of different wave length emerges with different yaw angle.

Lens: The plaque next to the lens informs us that each photon, meaning each incremental amount of light energy by itself has little power, but when they all gather together in one place the action becomes too great.

Sollar clock: The large, horizontal solar clock shows the exact time to the point where you are. In summer there is a difference of 1 hour and 25 minutes to the current time, while in winter the difference is 25 minutes. The curved lines on the plate of the clock is to be able to determine the month that we are.

Pentafono: consists of five large granite pieces which have been calculated so that the impact to each produces a different sound of frequency, a different twist. The five notes correspond to ancient pentatonic musical scale.

Optical Discs: Experimenting with optical disks you will find that when images pass at high speed in front of our visual field, the human eye does not perceive them as different, but creates a continuous optical assembly, such as when we see a movie. This is because the impression of the image still lasts even 1/16 second approximately over the optic nerve due to inactivity. This property is called persistence of vision of the eye. The movie is essentially based on the "weakness" of the eye to see more than 24 photos per second.

Pendulum: The pendulum will be remember by the elders and smaller generations will learn that the energy in the system which starts the oscillation is transferred to the next system , so the amplitude is reduced in the first and the next rising.

Turbines: The transparent container with the liquid can create a vortex by rotating the lever and understand the dynamics of the phenomenon, or to compare it with the rotational movement of the air that creates the tornado.

Inertia Bullets: Playing with inertia bullets, we are always impressed with the phenomenon of transfer of momentum when during the impact of bullets the original drive is kept and transferred sequentially through all the balls to get to the last.

Parabolic mirrors: parabolic mirrors are arranged in a straight line on a sufficiently large distance from one another. If two people stand in front of each of them can comfortably talk, even if they speak in whispers. This is because the transported through the air sound waves reflected at the parabolic reflector and their energy is concentrated in the center and the sound ends braced on the ears of those who take part in the experiment.


Interactive experimental instruments accompanied by relevant sayings from the surviving works of the great philosopher that have been posted on special plates.

Ticket price: 1,00 €
Hours:8:00 – 20:00
Tel: 23773 50-000

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