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Halkidiki has three legs the one that is between the first of Cassandra and the most northern of   Athos, Sithonia, is the shapeliest.

Named after Sithonas, king of Macedonia, son of Poseidon and Ossa. The mythology says that SITHON father of beautiful Pallini, who was claimed by famous suitors from around the world. Anyone claiming Pallini for bride, however, had to duel with her father, and because all the suitors lose the duel, Pallini was never to be married. When SITHON got old, put the suitors to duel each other. In such a duel, opponents were Cleitus and Dryantas. Pallinis heart was beating for Kleitos and trembled that her beloved will be killed. Confided then her agony to an elder who, reassured her, bribed the Dryantas charioteer to spoil the chariot of his master, so Cleitus beat the duel. King Sithon, because he realized what happened, he decided to burn his daughter. A "divine" rain, however, extinguished the fire at the right time for Pallini to be saved. Sithonas understood the sign of Gods, acknowledged his mistake and married the two youngsters.

Sithonia is mountainous, generally, a region with fine forests. The highest peak is Itamos (height 811 m). The climate is Mediterranean. The region is famous for its wonderful honey produced (Nikiti is the biggest beekeeping center of Greece), but also for oil, olives, fish, wine, grapes and cheese.

While touring the region Sithonia you can admire endless magical landscapes, picturesque coves, wonderful sandy beaches, secluded bays next to olive groves, lush meadows and forests, tranquil fishing villages, but also the amazing architecture of homes and churches. Only in Halkidiki you can enjoy marvellous beaches with the perfect combination of green

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