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“Psakoudia” Ormilia’s seaport is just 7km from the village. It is the unique beauty of the beach Psakoudia that impresses even the most discerning visitor.
Here the green pine mingles with the deep blue sea and sky, creating an image of natural beauty. Indeed the presence of pine characterizes perfectly the region and dominates the entire length of the beach. It is said that the name of the settlement Psakoydia came from the word "ptsakia" which in the local dialect means small pines.
The beach extends to a radius of 4 km, is ideal for swimmers of all ages. In fact Psakoudia was always honoured with the blue flag.
On the beach of Psakoudia you will enjoy not only swimming and diving but also windsurfing, skiing and many other sports with their main element the water.
Psakoudia are famous for the intense night life that covers all musical tastes. It should also be noted the presence of many restaurants that serve very good food. All these have been combined perfectly to make you spend moments of peace, serenity and happiness in a place that looks like paradise.
Psakoudia, because of their geographical position are the entrance to Sithonia and for this reason is a stopover for rest and leisure travellers.

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