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Notable, with increasing economic dynamics is the village of Kalives, located near the sea, between Gerakini and Olynthus.

Kalives are named from the crowd rural houses (huts), who built the people from Poligiros on the area to cultivate the rich estates, such as silkworms. At Kalives, other than traditional groves that existed for centuries, in recent years villagers developed thousands of acres of edible olive groves, along with the neighbouring rich groves of Olynthus, is the largest production centre of the famous chondroelias (big olives) throughout Halkidiki.

Thousands of tons of olives produced in the region, giving excellent income potential to the residents and nurture the many processing factories and mills in the area, while large quantities, feed factories in other regions.

Patron saint of the village is St Modestus (17-8 December), while there are many chapels. On the beach of Kalives was the ancient city Mykiverna independent and significant, which was due to its position, the port of the famous ancient Olynthus. There have been no systematic excavations at the ancient city.

On Kalives there are many taverns, cafes, rooms for rent and many cottages. What's better though than to spend the day in one of the beach-bars?

On the beach there are two beach-bars, that both offer free umbrellas and sun beds. In addition there are showers and changing rooms. For food on the beach you can only find what the 2 beach-bars offer and a canteen that is in between of them.

The beach on Kalives is a huge sandy beach that extends across the bay formed between the first and second peninsula. Specifically the sea deepens gradually making it ideal for small children. The sand continues into the sea and so there is no fear of rocks or sea urchins. The beach is ideal for children. Sand and shallow sea about 70 meters is the best combination for a child.

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